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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

002 Cowell Factor

Happy New Year!! Congrats to the new X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke but bad news for Canadian Idol as it has been cancelled!

Could you believe all the tears though during the X-Factor, and the only dry and slightly pinched face was that from judge Danny Minogue but no worries for her because she is expected to replace Sharon Osbourne on American’s Got Talent.

But who will replace Danny Minougue?

The highlight on the X-Factor was Beyonnce’s performance as she is back at her best. Too bad about JLS though. I loved when they first auditioned but by the end, they were just another boyband! I so wish Louie Walsh would retire!

American Idol starts soon and the rumours are everywhere, particularly about Paula leaving the show (again)! But first, let’s just see how good the new judge Cara really is. But Simon says, “Trust me, Paula is here to stay…for this season anyway.”

In Hollywood, expect to see both Britney and Beyounce as guest artists during the LIVE shows and maybe, just maybe one of the remaining Beatles. I’m not sure which one, but I’m sure it’s not Ringo!

But what does Simon think about new Idol judge Cara? Is Simon complaining already?

I’m very excited about taking part in this year’s Fame Games Effigy awards. Who would I put my money on for Fame Games Artist of the Year? Who would I help get onto the music scene?

You’ll have to listen to the podcast and find out!!

And some final advice, since I’ve feeling a bit spiritual: when FAME comes knocking, don’t ever sell out! Always do what you do best! Until next week...

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!

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