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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Episode 178: Who Are You?

This week's theme from The Who! “I realized that I wanted to be an artist like the ones that moved me deeply. I wanted to speak MY personal truth, regardless of the cost. I wanted to serve the role of a modern shaman, while embracing the complexities and ironies of our modern world.” (Kevin Kelly) What does this have to do with connecting to MUSIC FANS?

PLUS! CD-Baby's Top-10 Albums from the Flava: For Sports Fans. Fame Games Mail from Sean of Sunbox, Regular rotational airplay went to Track of the Month Winner - "After Hours" by State Warning!

Regining Track of the Week: Kelly Pettit with "She's Just Like Summer"


  • SUNSET SLIM from Nashville, TN USA with “(stay with) The Devil You Know” – Country
  • SPACEMAN from Johannesburg, South Africa withI'm a King” – Hip-Hop
  • LOCK YOUR DOOR from Novi, MI USA withI am the Sea” – Alternative Rock
  • MIKA COLE from San Bernardino, CA USA with Next Door Power Pop


Congratulations to all the artists who made the finals this week! Wishing you all, more and more success!!

Much love,
dj crier, Paul, Graham, Jake, Lexy & Sid


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Qualifier Show: 179Q

In this episode Which reviewer said this, “Wow! Fame Games is really proving that it can attract a real variety of artists.This is a really interesting song with very clever lyrics and I think I ended up feeling sad about a robot!” Listen and hear what our other featured reviewers had to say - 355, Antsy, Chocolatebubbles, Hard2Pleez, Jamie Lee, Jebbyrap, MIkey Carnell, novatone, Robin, SFX, and Summer Jade! A big THANKS the reviewers for making Fame Games the most listened to radio show on the web!

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! Thanks! You inspire us everyday here at Fame Games!

  • December Fading (Oxford, UK)
  • Steve Wellington (London, Uk)
  • Siren Filter (London, UK)
  • Mr. Hedidit (Meridian, USA)
  • Re:Call (Norwich, UK)
  • Kenneth L. King (Dawsonville,GA USA)
  • Moss Bluff (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Rachel Joel (London, UK)
  • Clayton Cages (Atlanta, GA USA)
  • Seris (Los Angeles, CA USA)
  • Jaclyn James (Nashville, TN USA)
  • Jon Hart (London, UK)
  • Safehouse Theory (London, UK)
  • Spunkey Munkey (Hamilton, Canada)
  • Stickpin (Hull, UK)



Enjoy the show!