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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Episode 162: We Are The Champions

This week's theme from Queen! In Indie Inside Information, we discuss the first annual Fame Games Effigy awards! We know that this is the awards show you'll all been waiting for! We give you the specifics of how you can vote, who has a chance of making the short list and what this prestigous award can mean for you and your music! Meanwhile, BIG congratulations goes out to BROKEN IRIS for nailing a TRACK OF THE MONTH of the month win last week! So this week, 5 new artists, 5 new songs and a fight to the finish to become the new Track of the Week! It's between Irya Gmeyner, Jessi Tore, David Shane Smith, Catherine Cunningham and Popeye Kahn! Good luck to one & all!

Listen to BROKEN IRIS's winning song "Beautiful Girl" when it gets its deserved regular rotational spin! And check them out in the Fame Games Hall of Fame!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Qualifier Show:163Q

In this episode hear new and undiscovered bands & artists battle it out for a place on Saturday's Main show on January 7th! Fame Games 163Q's featured reviewers included-- Arthur May, DarioLastella, Djdellicious, James Walker, Ken Morrison, Martin Sherlock, Maye, Pete Marriot, Ragpicker, Rupert, Scarry Garcia, SFX and Soulman! Thanks for taking the time to lend us your ears!

Best of luck to Steve Eades, Joe James DiNardo, Kicking At The Trunk, Mikey Power, Unike, Doug Scofield, Roberto Philipp, Bellefast, Jon Lucas - Woodenman, Da Enforcerz, Richard O'Brien, Scarry Garcia, Grand Harmonic, If, and Redhill Road! You all rocked the house! xx