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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Fight for Airplay

It's Laura (dj crier) here! I know, where the hell have I been? Well, as usual, keeping my nose to the grindstone, leading Indie artists in the fight for airplay, and let me tell you, it's a good thing I've had some army training. *flexing my muscles* ;)

It's been almost 6-months since moving from ABC Radio Networks to our fabulous new network,
Envision Radio Networks. During this time Envision have been pitching the show to stations all across the USA, getting feedback for the concept and for your music. It is an up-hill battle. The biggest challenge we face is convincing stations to not be so fearful of new music... Then again, some say it's all about money, power and familiarity. "Put a celebrity on the show" "Throw $250k into marketing" ... Sell your soul to the devil.... (Ah yes, sell out... Not here, not us, no way.)

Little do they know that our flagship stations in Europe - most namely
Spectrum FM (105.5FM / 92.6FM and their new station on 106.3FM) are totally rocking out to Fame Games. I can also tell you that 75% of requests on the show (and we get a lot of them!) are for Fame Games acts: Beta Rays, Full Turnout, Derek Stroker, Stars Go Dim, Chix 6, Marc Black, Philos, Krista Herring, Will Champlin, No Second Troy, Oliver Pigott ... I could go on and on! And the listeners are split right down the middle for who will win the Season Finale - Team Stars Go Dim vs. Team No Second Troy. It's such a thrill to speak to our listeners and be affirmed by their involvment and excitement for your music... for new music.

It's as we always suspected - listeners are starved for music that they can relate to. For artists and bands who stand for something, who have edges, who are are human and aren't just another sound alike act spit out from the corporate music conveyor belt.

In fact, I'm so proud to tell you that Spectrum FM are going where no station have gone before and
will be putting winning Fame Games acts into rotation this summer. Spectrum is also in the midst of re-branding the station. A new website is to follow that will include on their menu bar the Spectrum FM "Talent Search" - a concept we're developing as fast as we can that will have localized Fame Games pages for every affiliate's website. These pages will also help local artists and local venues hook up, draw crowds for gigs and raise support and awareness of getting your music on local radio regularly, i.e, voting for your music to be aired on Fame Games!

Yes, our European affiliates LOVE you and love the show... and it's about time!

Four years ago a mission was thrust upon us to lead Independent artists in the fight for radio airplay. From a bedroom studio we created a website and a radio show, invited our closest friends to help with it & within a few weeks we had hundreds then thousands of Independent artists & bands seeking us out. Getting signed to ABC Radio Networks in 2008 seemed like the answer to our prayers, but again, it was the beginning of an even bigger battle.

And here’s the thing, everything we have built – the website, the community, the database, the show, the core mission – it’s all grass roots stuff borne out of the huge cry from the Indie community that says "What about our chance to be heard?" After all, cover singers have American Idol, but what do songwriting artists & bands have? (Sorry for the comparison, but hey - A.I have done a pretty good job of making a lot of singers successful in the past decade!)

To our loyal and dedicated Fame Games community, please know we are fighting day & night to get your music on-air. We are fighting for the mission to give the best Independent artists and bands a radio platform to be heard.
We are fighting for you to have recognition for your talents so you you can get the gigs, the music sales and have a fighting chance to build an artistically driven and musically creative career.

But the old saying is true - nothing good is ever easy. Your continued support of us at Fame Games during this extremely challenging time means the world to us.
So keep spreading the word, visiting the website and hey, drop me a line!

Big hugs,
Laura (aka dj crier) xx

Coming Up - something else we've been working on!

Exclusive - Fame Games 2-Hour Special
featuring some of the hottest artists of today and the acts from they support and love! Special appearances from Ryan Dusick of Maroon 5, Green Day, Rob Thomas, Sting, Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, Tony Cowell and Johhny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fame Games Update: May 24th, 2010

Fame Games Update: This week Fame Games will be airing reruns of week 253. You can listen to these episodes by visiting

FAME GAMES will resume current shows from edition 257 as soon as all new U.S. stations are aligned.

Meanwhile, MAKE SURE you listen to all the shows you have time for. On the front-page player, click on ´´Recent Shows´´ or on the extended front page, click on the weekday tabs to get to hear the latest as well as previous shows, where you can also read (and write) reviews and vote. Stay tuned!

Artists are still sending in great original songs, head over to the website and check these songs out in the auditions, backstage and greenroom areas. Support these artists by voting for them, friending them on Facebook or signup as a reviewer and review their songs! Support the mission, support independent music!

Lotsa luv
The Fame Games crew