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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Episode 209: Fishin' In the Dark

This week's theme from The NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND! ~ “There’s still a buzz air after this inauguration but behind closed doors, faces are still gloom over the financial crunch. Tune into Indie Insider Information and we’ll explore the training tool that colleges and companies all over the world are using and that YOU can TOO in your daily life. Afterall - we don't want you to left “Fishin’ in the Dark!” now do we?”

Another hot topic in the portion of Fame Games called Indie Insider Information.

PLUS! Special Dedication goes to: Tha Final Chapter and Mike Parrish ; Fame Games Countdown: Smiles are Contagious and Fame Games Regular rotational airplay went to Track of the Month Winner - "Tonight" by Da Enforcerz!

208 winners: The Sanderson Pitch from the UK with their folk track "Filter" Can they do it again and be that must closer to Track of the Month?


  • JACKFISH RIVER from TORONTO, CANADA with “Mantra” – General Rock
  • BETA RAYS from LONDON, UK with “I Fell In Love” – General Rock
  • DALTON from FRANKLIN, USA with “Gabriel” – Light Rock
  • ARMEN from NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA USA with “High Rolla” – Hip-Hop

Congratulations to all the artists who made the finals this week! Wishing you all, more and more success!!

Much love,
dj crier, Paul, Graham, Jake, Lexy & Sid (and Ashton this week)


Friday, January 30, 2009

Semifinal: 209

In this episode hear from the fans of these artists! Which ones do you think will move on to the Fame Games Track of the Week contest? It all depends on your votes and reviews!

Many congrats to the artists and bands that have made it one step further towards making the 209 Main Showcase. Those artists include:

  • We Are The Mighty (Leyland, UK)
  • Jason Adamo (Chapcary, USA)
  • After The Ice (London, UK)
  • Mr Bella (Tampa, FL USA)
  • Against Grace (Richmond , USA)
  • Dalton (Franklin, USA)
  • Armen (North Hollywood, CA USA)
  • And I've Landed (Portland, OR USA)
  • Goddess (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Edian (London, UK)
  • Terry Thomas (Detroit, MI USA)
  • Beta Rays (London, UKSA)



Enjoy the show!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Qualifier Show: Wednesday 210Q

In this episode more hints to the magical mystery theme tune! Today's hint: "Nitty Gritty"!!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our featured reviewers, which include: HonestAngel, Thumbs, Robin, ChantelleWhite, KenMorrison, 335, DJSunBeat, Ricky, Chocolatebubbles, Misterterious, Valygirl, Hard2Pleez and Tonydatiger!! Can you guess which aritst this reviewer's writing about? ‘‘Ha-ha. I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. Shame that this song will be ruined by all the beeps for radio. Mother Fu**er. LOL. I’m not a fan of swearing in songs, but this did it for me, I would definitely listen to this again. THESE GUYS ARN´T WELL!!“

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:

  • Zach Swift (Mesa, USA)
  • Sympathy F (Denver, CO USA)
  • Annie Minogue Band (USA)
  • Abstract Artform (Winnipeg, Canada)
  • Spin (Philadelphia, PA USA)
  • Try for Tomorrow (Fresno, CA USA)
  • Elley Duhe (Ocean Springs, USA)
  • Ronnie aka Bhakti Rasa (Denver, CO USA)
  • Vomiton Command (Nash Vegas, TN USA)
  • AFC Praise (Euclid, USA)
  • Jonathan Posey (Astoria, NY USA)
  • We Are the Mighty (Leyland, UK)



Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Qualifier Show: Tuesday 210Q

In this episode more hints to Friday's theme! Today's hint "Dark"!

A big thanks goes out to all the featured reviewers: 335, Ricky, Ken Morrison, Robin, HonestAngel, Chocolatebubbles, Hard2Pleez, Thumbs, JamesWalker, OldStyleBoomBox, Valygirl, Rosebaby, Lauraswains, and DJSunBeat!! Can you guess which reviewer wrote this, “Can’t believe you got me crying to this song. You are truly an amazing artist and an incredible songwriter. I love the lyrics and what a tone in your voice. This will definitely be a huge hit in this genre and I’m sure it will go to the top here. I’m speechless, just AMAZING!!!"

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:

  • Dalton (Franklin, USA)
  • Shayfer James (Kenilworth, USA)
  • Todd Smith (Picayune, USA)
  • Chris Santiago (Bronx, NY USA)
  • Twelve34 (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Two Spot Gobi (Brighton, UK)
  • Pongamoosic (Malibu, CA and Northern WA, USA)
  • Vince Freeman (Denver, CO USA)
  • Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes (Venice, CA USA)
  • Winter Springs (Sanford, USA)
  • Armen (North Hollywood, CA USA)
  • Jelly's Last Jam (Preston, Manchester, UK)



Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Global Breakthrough Chart (207 Edition)

The first ever of it's kind! The first network radio countdown chart devoted to Independent Music! Who will top the charts this week?

This is the 2-hour show includes The Red Carpet Interview with Shontelle AND The Cowell Factor with Tony Cowell, find out what's new on reality TV!

Listen to DJ Sid Olivera, DJ Crier and songwriter/producer Paul Sedkowski countdown this week's Top 20 Fame Games tracks! The tracks are selected based soley on votes, making this chart based on MERIT!

Last Week's No. 1 Track

WILL CHAMPLIN from Nashville, TN USA with his R&B track "Time Bomb"

Let us know what you think of our pilot Global Breakthrough Chart show! Regular airing of this chart will begin at the end of January!


Enjoy the show!

Qualifier Show: Monday 210Q

In this episode Here's a hint to Friday's theme. Quotes about "Fishin'." Be the first to guess the mystery theme tune and win the CD "Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement"!!

A big thanks goes out to all the featured reviewers: Musicplus, cong, Rosebaby, JoshEast, ESP, Skinytones, HonestAngel, Hard2Pleez, Chocolatebubbles, Robin, Mcquillen, Ricky, KenMorrison and Thumbs!! Can you guess who wrote this, “WHOA!!! This is ...WOW...speechless! This voice is so passionate and the playing is perfect. This is a bit predictable but I don´t give a darn because this is so so good. Wow, goosebumps all the way!”

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:
  • Ribkat and Josy B (Los Angeles, CA USA)
  • Dastards (Midlands, UK)
  • Jessi Hamilton (Sanford, USA)
  • Against Grace (Richmond, USA)
  • Alluvion (Frankfort, USA)
  • Terry Thomas (Detroit, MI USA)
  • Staci Marlo (NYC, NY USA)
  • A Midday Atlantic (San Diego, CA USA)
  • Scarlet City (London, UK)
  • Rachel Brown (Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA)
  • Oliver Pigott (Canada)
  • Edian (London, UK)



Enjoy the show!

004 Cowell Factor

It’s a hello and goodbye to Kelly Brooke who joined the judging panel of Britian’s Got Talent…and then got fired 6 days later! My advice to her, why not write a book called “How to make a million out of TV without ever actually appearing!”

Now to Idol, are there signs that Simon and Cara may not be getting along too well? Is Simon putting her in her place?

The highlight of the Idol auditions last week for me? Joanna Pacitti, and I trust that she will make the final!

Has the BBC sunk to new lows with its show EuroVision? And who even cares about EuroVision anymore? If you haven’t seen the show, please don’t bother – It’s an insult to real talent!

And the Idol scoop? Find out if it’s true that the final 12 will live under the same roof and be videotaped 24/7! Will this be Idol meets Big Brother?

I find that this year, Idol will be drawing more from ex-Idol winners, including David Cook. I believe that it’s his songwriting that makes him stand out from previous winners. This brings me to my piece of advice this week – If you can’t write songs, don’t even bother trying to make it big in this business.

I’ve been listening to enough brilliant songs on Fame Games to convince me that some of you guys actually know what you are doing! Congrats again to all Fame Games artists who have been sending me emails in regards to the 2008 Effigys; I was just so glad I could have a part in it. Special thanks go out to Sunset Slim and Sunbox for their messages.

I’ve been talking with two major record labels this week and they all say the same thing – they are cutting back on their artist rosters. But what I did learn, and there is a positive side, that labels are turning their attention to new independent artists! Tune in to this podcast and find out WHY!

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!