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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Episode 165: Let's Get Together

This week's theme from the Youngbloods! In Indie Inside Info: "When will the next Woodstock happen?" "...all concert people care about is money, and putting up ads everywhere and getting only people who make high budget music videos for VH1 or MTV to play. Something new needs to happen." But what would that be?

Congratulations to Da Enforcerz for winning TRACK OF THE WEEK two times in a row with "Tonight"! But can they hold on to it? The competition heats up as Jessi Tore, Amber Estrada, Anew Airship and Stella Blackrose enter the mix!! It's anybody's game!

Regular Rotaional Airplay goes to MINUS THE HOPE from Los Angeles, California with their TRACK OF THE MONTH "American Standard." They were the first ever Fame Games Track of the Month! Check 'em out in the Fame Games Hall of Fame at!

The 1st Annual Effigy Awards Ceremony!

MARBELLA, Jan. 25—It was a show of firsts for the Fame Games crew at Mere Music International as they aired their first ever Effigy Awards on January 25. The awards were created to recognize the outstanding, and phenomenal musical achievements of Independent artists worldwide that have been showcased on the Fame Games radio show. Of the 47 awards announced, 9 CD baby artists received 11 awards.

To get the results for the Effigy Awards 2007, you must listen to the show! The winners will not be announced in print until Friday, February 1.

Fame Games is an international radio show that features independent artists from all over the world. Fame Games has been broadcasting since April 2004 on one of the largest networks in Europe, OCI 101.6FM and 94.6FM and has been streaming on-line since April 2006, with over 2.5 million listeners and counting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Qualifier Show: 166Q

In this episode hear the hottest new artists and bands fight for a place in Saturday's finals, February 2nd! Fame Games 166Q's featured reviewers include-- Ken Morrison, Scarry Garcia, CJDrumm, James Walker, Chocolatebubbles, DarioLastella, SFX, Rupert and Cowbell. Thanks SO much for being instrumental in giving the best Indie musicians the chance to be heard!

Best of luck to Joe Campbell, Minister Kaine, Dave Diedrich, 15:15 ft. Bai Kamara Jr, James Walker, Scarry Garcia, Terry Paul Broadhurst, Catherine Cunningham, The Influence, Kenneth L. King, Dead Eddie, Beta Rays, Melody Nelson, Screaming Gypsies,and Amber Estrada! You all deserve to make it in this business! xx