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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independent band Stars Go Dim! Can they compete with the likes of Train or The Script

As a music lover, I find nothing more exciting then hearing and discovering a new band long before my friends. With a few of them gathered around and I crank up the speakers, a slight smirk appears across my face as the first note fills the room...I don´t even need to question if they´re going to like it. Bragging rights do come into play when a week later I notice that those same friends have now added that particular band to their playlists and they´re singing along to every song.

One particular discovery over my time with Fame Games has been the 4-piece Tulsa group Stars Go Dim. What kills me about SGD is not only their sound, but lyrically...they stand far and wide from most Billboard 100 artists. Take for instance current top radio aritst Kesha´s Blah, Blah, Blah... "Just turn around boy, let me hit that, " and then later, "Come put a little love in my glove box." Yup, that´s exactly what I would want my daughter to be hearing the car on the way home from school. I could go on and on with just that song...check out the lyrics and see what you think!

The brilliance behind Stars Go Dim´s debut CD Love Gone Mad is that the album is one long love story from Song 1: Get Over It all the way to song 12: Walk On. This is more than just 12 songs selected for an album, it´s a complete experience with a beginning, middle and end!

But, let´s face the facts, can an Independent band as good as SGD really and honestly compete with top radio bands of today like Train or The Script? If money and promotion was on an even-keel, would Stars Go Dim stand a chance? Follow this link and listen to a few of their tracks and let me know! Or click here to listen to one of my favorites, it´s their title track Love Gone Mad.

Saving the World from Bad Music,