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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Episode 211: Play That Funky Music White Boy

This week's theme from WILD CHERRY! ~ Visit… What does this have to do with music you ask? I'm glad you asked. According to the author of the blog “If you want to understand white people, you need to understand indie music. White people hate anything that’s “mainstream” and are desperate to find things that are more genuine, and unique."

Another hot topic in the portion of Fame Games called Indie Insider Information.

PLUS! Special Dedication goes to: Reverend Zen ; Fame Games Countdown: Songs While Sitting On the Toilet and Fame Games Regular rotational airplay went to Track of the Month Winner - "Incredible" by Stars Go Dim!

210 winners: Beta Rays from the UK with their rock track "I Fell In Love" Can they do it again and be that must closer to Track of the Month?


  • ARMEN from NORTH HOLLYWOOD, USA with “Birthday Suit” –R&B
  • GODDESS from COPENHAGEN, DENMARK with “The World Stood Still”– Hard Rock
  • DALTON from FRANKLIN, USA with “Take What You Want” – Alternative Rock
  • EDIAN from LONDON, UK with “No Reason” – General Rock


Congratulations to all the artists who made the finals this week! Wishing you all, more and more success!!

Much love,
dj crier, Paul, Graham, Jake, Lexy & Sid (and Ashton this week)


Friday, February 13, 2009

Semifinal: 211

In this episode hear from the fans of these artists! Which ones do you think will move on to the Fame Games Track of the Week contest? It all depends on your votes and reviews!

Many congrats to the artists and bands that have made it one step further towards making the 211 Main Showcase to compete with 2-time winners Beta Rays. Those artists include:

  • Ribkat & Josy B (Los Angeles, CA USA)
  • Dave Diedrich (New York, USA)
  • Against Grace (Richmond, USA)
  • Terry Thomas (Detroit, MI USA)
  • Goddess (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • After The Ice (London, UK)
  • A'tris (Boston, MA USA)
  • Armen (North Hollywood, USA)
  • Dalton (Franklin, USA)
  • Kiina (Brighton, UK)
  • Mr. Bella (Tampa, FL USA)
  • Edian (London, UK)



Enjoy the show!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Qualifier Show: Wednesday 212Q

In this episode more hints to the magical mystery theme tune! Today's hint: "Wild Cherry"!!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our featured reviewers, which include: HonestAngel, Thumbs, KenMorrison, Chocolatebubbles, Rosebaby, JamesWalker, Cong, mcquillen, KatieSakki, Valygirl and Tonydatiger!! Can you guess which aritst this reviewer's writing about? ‘‘Definitely one of the best bands on FG at the moment, much of the appeal of whom lies in the absolute prowess of the lead singer, who is thoroughly outstanding, and instantly identifiable.“

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:

  • After the Ice (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Ike Brown (Sydney, Australia)
  • Susie B (Mesa, USA)
  • Twelve34 (Denver, CO USA)
  • Hard Luck Blues Band (Boston, MA USA)
  • Winter Springs (Walnut, CA USA)
  • Jessi Hamilton (Atlanta, GA USA)
  • Character Nine (Winnipeg, Canada)
  • Epyllion (Santa Rosa, CA USA)
  • Katie Mack (Sant Diego, CA)
  • Cybase (Madison, WI USA)
  • Dalton (Bethesda, USA)



Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Qualifier Show: Tuesday 212Q

In this episode more hints to Friday's theme! Today's hint "White"!

A big thanks goes out to all the featured reviewers: Ricky, Ashburnham, Thumbs, Valygirl, 335, Ken Morrison, Robin, HonestAngel, Chocolatebubbles, Hard2Pleez, Thumbs and JamesWalker!! Can you guess which reviewer wrote this, “I ssssaayyy... clearly not the English comedy actor of the same name. Although it is quite an amusing mental image. Ah, with this Terry Thomas, here we have the real soul deal. A classic soul sound that could be from any of the past few decades, or indeed the current one. Great harmonies on this one too. Probably one of the best soul singers on FG currently.”

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:

  • Against Grace (Richmond, USA)
  • Amber Ojeda (San Diego, CA USA)
  • Ronnie aka Rhakti Basa (Denver, CO USA)
  • Desert Saints (USA)
  • Shiva (London, UK)
  • Cynema (Martinez, USA)
  • Terry Thomas (Detroit, MI USA)
  • Michael Quinn (Columbia, USA)
  • Tha Final Chapter (Houston, TX USA)
  • Mind Trips (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Scott Saturday (Los Angeles, CA USA)
  • Zach Swift (Mesa, USA)



Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Qualifier Show: Monday 212Q

In this episode Here's a hint to Friday's theme. Quotes about "Play," "Funky" and "Music." Be the first to guess the mystery theme tune and win the CD "Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement"!!

A big thanks goes out to all the featured reviewers: Arabking, KenMorrison, DJSunBeat, Chocolatebubbles, Valygirl, OldStyleBoomBox, Rosebaby, HonestAngel, Hard2Pleez, SirJimmyReckon, Ryds, LindaS, Scarry Garcia, 335 and ChantelleWhite! Can you guess who wrote this, ““OMG!!!! PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT! I’m Arabic myself and to hear something like this? I’m blown away. Production, vocals, song everything was done perfectly.”

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:
  • Armen (North Hollywood, USA)
  • Brian Dunn (York, ME)
  • Pongamoosic (Malibu, CA and Northern WA USA)
  • James Walker (Atlanta, GA USA)
  • Down in the Ashes (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Deacon (Nashville, TN USA)
  • The Sanderson Pitch (UK)
  • Big Herk (Detroit, MI USA)
  • Sympathy F (Denver, CO USA)
  • Femi (San Francisco, CA USA)
  • Debra Whyte (North Vancouver, CANADA)
  • We Are The Mighty (Leyland, UK)



Enjoy the show!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Global Breakthrough Chart (209 Edition)

The first ever of it's kind! Who will top the charts this week?

This is the 2-hour show includes The Red Carpet Interview with Da Enforcerz AND The Cowell Factor with Tony Cowell, and this week he gets picks out a few of his Fame Games favorites!

Listen to DJ Sid Olivera, DJ Crier and songwriter/producer Paul Sedkowski countdown this week's Top 20 Fame Games tracks! The tracks are selected based soley on votes, making this chart based on MERIT!

Last Week's No. 1 Track

STARS GO DIM from TULSA, OK USA with their ROCK track "Get Over It"

Let us know what you think of our Global Breakthrough Chart show! it's a RADICAL idea and it's just what music needs!

Do you agree with this week's chart? Vote for your favorite artists and see them move up, closer to NUMBER 1!


Enjoy the show!

006 Cowell Factor

Idol finally made it to Hollywood in an effort to find 12 people who could actually sing! Ryan Seacrest says there's an unbelievable amount of talent this year. Where has he been the past month?

Simon’s been working hard to spice up the X Factor judging panel with Victoria Beckham. Her credentials…even less talent that Danny Minouge.

My Fame Games artist picks this week include female artist, Naomi Striemer for her well structured power pop song “Images.” R&B talent Bobby Tinsley out of Tampa, FL has a song “What About Bob” that’s quirky, and original. Both these artists have real talent, please don’t stop!

It’s not without saying that I get a lot of emails knocking talent shows like American Idol. Is American Idol irrelevant this year though? When times are tough and people are losing their homes and jobs, how are people gonna feel sorry for a kid who loses it because he can’t play his guitar in an audition?

But no matter how bad the economy is or how low you feel, people will always need music simply because it is the only escape from real life. Your song can become someone’s symbol of hope.

To you, the artist, struggling to make your music heard, I say this – your song always has the power to change people’s lives!

One email I got in this week said, “We don’t need to get rid of big record labels, they will get rid of themselves.”

But the question I propose is, do we actually need big record labels? Now that we have the internet do you think we still need them? And with that…will A&R die? Tune in to this podcast and find out!

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!