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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Episode 169: My Generation

This week's theme from The Who! In Indie Inside Info: "XM Radio's President predicts that “Rock n Roll’s inventive & world changing days are over.” Is the rock-n-roll way of thinking dead? Not if we have anything to do with it. Check out the debate in Indie Inside Info!

And then, making it to this week's finals are four more acts giving our reigning champions a run for their money!! Congratulations to STATE WARNING from Chester, UK for their 2nd win last week with "After Hours"! But can do they do it again with this competition??

This week's finalists include:
  • JAMES WESLEY HAYMER from Nashville, Tn with “Nowhere Town” – Rock
  • THE LOCALS from Blackpool, UK with "Those Silly Games" - Rock
  • LAURA STEVENSON from Belfast, N. Ireland with “Just Beyond My Reach” – Acoustic
  • missFLAG from Jerusalem, Israel with "Let It Show" - Rock

Regular Rotational Airplay goes to Da Enforcerz from Nashville, Tennessee with their TRACK OF THE MONTH "Tonight." Congratulations again for your big win, guys!

Growing up in the urban trenches of Cincinnati, Ohio with a whole arsenal of Phat Slickly produced tracks and hot rap lyrics. Never before has there been an explosion of such talent, like that of the rap group DaEnforcerz out of the Infa-Red Inc Records camp.

See Da Enforcerz in the Fame Games Hall of Fame at!

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Qualifier Show: 170Q

In this episode reviewer Chocolate-bubbles ruffles James Walker’s feathers, “This is nowhere near being a ´radio ready´ track. I know you want the exposure, but wait until each track is perfected before submitting it!” Hear James Walker defend his artistic honor!

Other featured reviewers include: Crunch, James Walker, Ken Morrison, Mark Coleman and Sunny! Thanks for lending us your ears!

The artists and bands that made it to this week's shows were hotter than anything else on radio (!) - including

  • Proxima (London, UK)
  • Eric Lumiere (Los Angeles, California)
  • Oliver Southgate (Chelmsford, UK)
  • Blanca Star Olivera (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Goddess (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • DavidShaneSmith (Los Angeles, California)
  • Clayton Cages (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Collective Whisper (Galway, Ireland)
  • Freak Nation (Esbjerg, Denmark)
  • Adahmo (Mission Beach, Australia)
  • Shannon Kennedy (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Anthony Schofield (Anchorage, Alaska)
  • Prairie Dance Club (Vancouver, Canada)
  • James Walker (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Moontown (Dorset, UK)