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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Episode 167: Every Breath You Take

This week's theme from The Police! In Indie Inside Info: "Should illegal downloading be considered a criminal offense?" And then, making it to this week's finals are five of the best acts you've ever seen! Listen to the debates on who's the best and find out who actually won! It's a race between --

Grayscale from Cleveland, Ohio with “Meaningless” – Rock
Laura Stevenson
from Belfast, N. Ireland, UK with “Down” (18+) – Acoustic
Dead Eddie
from Elizabeth, NJ USA with "Jesus Won’t Pay the Phone Bill"– Rock
from Oxford, UK with "Ricks Seat"– Acoustic
State Warning from Chester, UK with "After Hours” – Pop

Regular Rotational Airplay goes to Da Enforcerz from Nashville, Tennessee with their TRACK OF THE MONTH "Tonight." Congratulations on your win last week guys!

Growing up in the urban trenches of Cincinnati, Ohio with a whole arsenal of Phat Slickly produced tracks and hot rap lyrics. Never before has there been an explosion of such talent, like that of the rap group DaEnforcerz out of the Infa-Red Inc Records camp.

See Da Enforcerz in the Fame Games Hall of Fame at!

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Qualifier Show: 168Q

In this episode does new reviewer Cowbell make SFX look like a choir boy? Who gets tortured and who gets praised by the Fame Games reviewers? This week's featured reviewers are: Cowbell, SharpNBlunt, Antsy, Ken Morrison, Chocolatebubbles, H. L. Hoolahan, stgibby, Scarry Garcia, James Walker, Gaggles, 335 and Arthur May.

Sign up to be a reviewer too at!

Or, you listen & vote for your favorites now at http://!

Choose from these acts who made it to the show!

· TANGLED WEB (Syracuse, USA)

· LUDWIG (Belfast, UK)
· BRIAN EICH (Long Island, NJ, USA)

· HEIDI (London, UK)
· MOLOKO VELLOCET (Auckland, New Zealand)

· PADDY NASH (Limavady, Ireland)
· MARTYN DAVIS (Telford, UK)
· A POSTCARD HELLO (Metropolis, IL, USA)
· FRAME (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
· WILTRUD (Berlin, Germany)

From all of us at Fame Games, have a great week & enjoy the show!

Laura (aka DJ Crier), Paul, Graham, Lexy & Jake