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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Episode 161: The Lucky Ones

This week's theme from Loverboy! In Indie Inside Information, Fame Games changes the pace and investigates -- what's behind this week's top-5 artists? What ARE their stories? Meanwhile, will BROKEN IRIS go all the way and take TRACK OF THE MONTH? Can they manage against Earth to Ohio who have a higher external score right out of the gate? Next in line is Sunset Slim, with the 2nd highest external score! Dave Diedrich and Powderhog prove to be top-notch with the teen crowd ... It's anyone's contest this week! Tune in to find out what happens! You WILL be shocked!

KIREINA gets a regular rotational spin for winning Track of the Month in editions 124-127! Check her out in the Fame Games Hall of Fame!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Qualifier Show: 162Q

In this episode hear the best up & coming bands and artists battle it out for a place on Saturday´s Main show, December 15th! Fame Games 162Q's featured reviewers included-- DarioLastella, SFX, ArthurMay, Lincs_Mike, KenMorrison, Rupert, bebus, Maye, Crunch, & Soulman! Thanks for taking the time to lend us your ears!

Best of luck to Andrew Bond, Irya Gmeyner, Woody James Band, Ron Armstrong, Joe James DiNardo, Girl Without Fear, Kamal Imani, DavidShaneSmith, Terry Paul Broadhurst, Joe Campbell, Roland Giordani and Gio 'Blues' Band, Catherine Cunningham, Tha Final Chapter, Kenneth L. King & Michel Bert. Your music rocks!