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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Episode 168: Don't Play That Song

This week's theme from Aretha Franklin! In Indie Inside Info: 3 Ways To Make Sure You Don't Write a Crap Song! Then, in this week's finals State Warning from Chester, UK return to defend their title! Congratulations to them once again for winning Track of the Week with "After Hours"! But will they manage to keep their title competing against these fantastic artists?
  • Alexxs from Phoenix, Arizone with “You Don't Know Me” – R&B
  • Dreadlox Holmes from London, UK with “Seduction” feat. Synthia – R&B
  • Bryan Eich from Long Island, New York with "Big Fish"– Rock
  • Ludwig from Belfast, N. Ireland, UK with "Let Go"– Folk

Regular Rotational Airplay goes to Broken Iris from Sacramento, California with their TRACK OF THE MONTH "Beautiful Girl."

Broken Iris formed in January of 2006 and the group consists of Adam, Danny, Steve, Chris, Alex, David & songwriter and novelist, Tony. Their song “Beautiful Girl” comes from their album “The Eyes of Tomorrow” recorded with Jay Trammel. Listen now to this winning song from Fame Games editions 158-161!

See Broken Iris in the Fame Games Hall of Fame at


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Qualifier Show: 169Q

In this episode hear reviewer SFX get a piece of Roberto Philipp's mind! This is the show where every song gets put under the magnifying glass and magnifying the music for you are this week's reviewers! Chocolatebubbles, Crunch, ESP, hometown, James Walker, Ken Morrison, Mark Coleman, Rupert, SFX, and stgibby!

And guess who made it to the show?

-TP BENSON (Languedoc, France)
-MIKEY POWER (Toronto, Canada)
-WOLFY (Indianapolis, Indiana)
-KICKING AT THE TRUCK (Appelton, Wisconsin)
-LINDA RAINE (Toronto, Canada)
-ARTHUR’S DILEMMA (Murcia, Spain)
-MISSFLAG (Jerusalem, Israel)
-JAMES WESLEY HAYMER (Nashville, Tennesee)
-LAURA STEVENSON (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
-GRAYSCALE (Cleveland, Ohio)
-DAVE DIEDRICH (New York, New York)
-THE LOCALS (Blackpool, UK)
-ONE OF THE BOYZ (Sheffield, UK)
-SHELLEY BARRATT (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Be sure to listen! It's a cracker!