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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Episode 170: Gimme Hope Joanna

This week's theme from Eddy Grant! Inspired by Ken Morrison, we tell the heartwarming and most recent fairy tale kind of Indie success story! Not just for artists, but for all people who know what it's like to struggle, this show will give you just the inspiration you’re looking for!

And then, this week's finals bring the hottest new music EVER! Congratulations to STATE WARNING from Chester, UK for their 3rd win last week with "After Hours"! But do they have what it takes to become the next TRACK OF THE MONTH??

OMG!! is this one a nail biter or what?
Check out the competition! ------------->

  • PRAIRE DANCE CLUB from Vancouver, Canada with “Where The Blue Sky Ends” – Rock
  • ERIC LUMIERE from Los Angeles, Ca. with "Simply Human" - Pop
  • FREAK NATION from Esbjerg, Denmark with “Commit This Angel” – Rock
  • ADAHMO from Mission Beach, Australia with "She's My Guitar" - Folk
Regular Rotational Airplay goes to Ennis from Nashville, Tennessee with their TRACK OF THE MONTH "Be Here For Awhile." Congratulations for all your success!

The two sisters are releasing, Be Here for a While in America this year, with to their HUGE credit - 2 tracks which reside in the Fame Games Hall of Fame and 4 Effigy Trophies!

See Ennis in the Fame Games Hall of Fame at!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Qualifier Show: 171Q

In this episode which act is declared ‘really special’ by Paul? “More different than anybody else we’ve ever had or probably ever will have!” Check out what our featured reviewers has to say though - Anna, Antsy, Chocolatebubbles, Crunch, DG, ESP, Kamma, Ken Morrison, Satch and SFX! Thanks as always for lending us your expert ears!

BIG congratulations to the artists and bands that made it to this week's show! It was one of the best hours of music we've ever had, including music from:

  • Dave Diedrich (New York, USA)
  • David George (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Federico Fasce (Genoa, Italy)
  • Amber Estrada (San Francisco, USA)
  • DavidShaneSmith (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Soundoctrine (Youngstown, USA)
  • Joe Campbell (Newark, USA)
  • Caveat Emperor (Chattanooga, USA)
  • Tangled Web (Syracuse, USA)
  • Blackball Fighter (Belfast, UK)
  • Collective Whisper (Galway, Ireland)
  • Eric Lumiere (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Blanca Star Olivera (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Amy Valdez (Yorba Linda, USA)
  • Warren Bennett (Brisbane, Australia)