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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Qualifier Show: Wednesday 210Q

In this episode more hints to the magical mystery theme tune! Today's hint: "Nitty Gritty"!!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our featured reviewers, which include: HonestAngel, Thumbs, Robin, ChantelleWhite, KenMorrison, 335, DJSunBeat, Ricky, Chocolatebubbles, Misterterious, Valygirl, Hard2Pleez and Tonydatiger!! Can you guess which aritst this reviewer's writing about? ‘‘Ha-ha. I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. Shame that this song will be ruined by all the beeps for radio. Mother Fu**er. LOL. I’m not a fan of swearing in songs, but this did it for me, I would definitely listen to this again. THESE GUYS ARN´T WELL!!“

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:

  • Zach Swift (Mesa, USA)
  • Sympathy F (Denver, CO USA)
  • Annie Minogue Band (USA)
  • Abstract Artform (Winnipeg, Canada)
  • Spin (Philadelphia, PA USA)
  • Try for Tomorrow (Fresno, CA USA)
  • Elley Duhe (Ocean Springs, USA)
  • Ronnie aka Bhakti Rasa (Denver, CO USA)
  • Vomiton Command (Nash Vegas, TN USA)
  • AFC Praise (Euclid, USA)
  • Jonathan Posey (Astoria, NY USA)
  • We Are the Mighty (Leyland, UK)



Enjoy the show!

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