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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Episode 166: Outta Know

This week's theme from Alanis Morissette! In Indie Inside Info: "How to write a killer on-air bio and stop listeners dead in their tracks!" Hip Hop duo, Da Enforcerz, have won TRACK OF THE WEEK three times in a row with "Tonight" but will they be strong enough to become the first TRACK OF THE MONTH in 2008? They have their work cut out for them as they go up against :

KITANA from Gold Coast, Australia with “Little Make Up Girl” – Pop
THE INFLUENCE from Virginia Beach, USA with “Anisoptera” – Rock
JAMES WALKER from Atlanta, GA, USA with "Don’t Forget Me"– Rock
BETA RAYS from London, UK with "She’s A Gun"– Rock

Regular Rotational Airplay goes to missFlag from Jerusalem with their TRACK OF THE MONTH "Hidden Thieves."

"In an age where money and who you know talks louder than talent and what you know, it´s refreshing to find a band that still believes hard work and great songs should be the way forward. Reaching out to the world from Jerusalem and surrounded by everyday conflict that most other bands could never understand, missFlag refuse to be drawn into any political statements, and instead share their hope through music that we can all live as one."

See missFlag in the Fame Games Hall of Fame at!

Enjoy the show!

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