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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Qualifier Show: 167Q

In this episode listen to the craziest show on the planet AND hear the hottest new artists and bands wrestle for a place in Saturday's finals, February 9th! Who gets tortured and who gets praised by the Fame Games reviewers? SharpNBlunt, Cowbell, Bill Stevens, SFX, Ali, Ken Morrison, Satch, Bebus, Aaronishere, Maye, Chocolatebubbles, Dario Lastella & Hometown are the judge & jury!

Best of luck to Sefton, James Wesley Haymer, Plank Road, Alexxs, Matt Riley, Erin Alden, State Warning, Michel Bert, Woody James Band, Joe James DiNardo, Dave Diedrich, Martyn Davis, Grayscale, Soundoctrine and Laura Stevenson!

It's one of the BEST Q-shows yet!!

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