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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Episode 164: Can't Always Get What You Want

This week's theme from the Rolling Stones! In Indie Inside Information, we discuss the article in this week's New York Daily News where journalist Jim Farber wrote "Who cares if the music industry is sick & dying? It deserves to get precisely the disease that now plagues it." Meanwhile, BIG congratulations goes out to Da Enforcerz for winning TRACK OF THE WEEK with "Tonight" on Fame Games 163 -- but can they do it again? It's a fight to the finish and one of the most exciting contests yet!!

Artists trying to steal the crown from Da Enforcerz are: Amber Estrada, Scarry Garcia, Richard O'Brien and Screaming Gypsies! Good luck and congratulations for making it to the show!

Listen to ENNIS's TRACK OF THE MONTH winning song "Worlds Apart" when it gets its deserved regular rotational spin! Check 'em out in the Fame Games Hall of Fame!

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