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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fame Games Update: May 18th, 2010

Fame Games Update: This week Fame Games will be airing reruns of week 252. You can listen to these episodes by visiting

FAME GAMES will resume current shows from edition 257 as soon as all new U.S. stations are aligned.

Meanwhile, MAKE SURE you listen to all the shows you have time for. On the front-page player, click on ´´Recent Shows´´ or on the extended front page, click on the weekday tabs to get to hear the latest as well as previous shows, where you can also read (and write) reviews and vote. Stay tuned!

Artists are still sending in great original songs, head over to the website and check these songs out in the auditions, backstage and greenroom areas. Support these artists by voting for them, friending them on Facebook or signup as a reviewer and review their songs! Support the mission, support independent music!

Lotsa luv
The Fame Games crew

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