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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fame Games 2009 Effigy Finals (Part 1)

The best of 2009 at Fame Games will be recognized and awarded in this first of two Effigy Finals! Hear winners in 35 categories...including Song of the Year! ~ Also, hear the winners in the nomination categories you've been hearing all week long.

These are the categories being awarded in this first of two Effigy award shows:

Best Song in Style: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Diverse, Country, Reggae, Power Pop, Classical, Hard Rock, Jazz Funk, Folk, Blues, Dance, Easy Listening, Alternative Rock

Best Song in Style: Light Rock, Electronica, Acoustic, World, R&B, Multistyle, Adult Alternative, Spiritual, General Rock, Power Ballad, Blues Rock, and Hip-Hop

The Wowie-Zowie Awards: Best Production, *Most Popular Song, Best Songwriting, *Most Popular Reviewer, *Most Popular Solo, *Most Popular Group and *Most Popular Act

...And finally: SONG OF THE YEAR 2009 (announced by Tony Cowell)

All nominees were selected by fans who voted online at and

Winners were selected by over 20 expert judges including:

Tony Cowell of the Cowell Factor,

Don Wasley - music industry marketing veteran

Rob Davis - hit songwriter and producer

Derek Lawrence - multi-million-selling producer

Suzanne Hilleary - head of Wacbiz

Josh East - founder of Music Kingdom One

And many more!!!

*Winners selected by fan votes only

Listen HERE and HEAR some of the best music to come out of Fame Games in 2009!

The 2nd round of Effigy nominations will begin on Monday, January 25th with the second final to follow on Saturday the 30th!


Much love,
dj crier, Paul, Graham, Jake, Lexy & Sid


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