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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

047 Cowell Factor: Who’s writing today’s anthemic rock songs?

America has spoken, you will boycott Idol. Back in London, Mariah Carey’s on the X factor - with SuBo.And coming up: Who’s writing today’s anthemic rock songs? I find out!

But first, it’s time to check in down at the Fame Games talent Bank. I’ve found Courtney Dickinson. Just love your song Falter. You are a little Taylor Swift - but how bad’s that? More songs please Courtney. And someone else whom I’m desperate to hear more from is Nashville’s Michael Estok. I’m soooo impressed with your song Burning Bridges. Brilliant vocal - love this song. Very, very impressive.

So what’s been going on in CowellWorld?

The battle hots up as Idol winner Kris Allen goes head-to-head with runner-up Adam Lambert. Kris's album hit the stores on Tuesday, six days before Lambert's. Who will win the chart battle? Well…different audiences I think - but hey you know what? - I’ll forgive the Script cover - because at least Kris has written most of the tracks himself. And I’ve got tell you…I really like what I’ve heard. I genuinely hope he does well.

So…it’s official - you will boycott Idol. Your emails prove it.

Ann says:
Yes, I will boycott American Idol. The show is nothing without Paula. Randy is a great guy, but let’s face it, without Paula & Simon, he’s nothing. And Kara who?? She has no personality, no charm and isn't even remotely interesting. Ellen has absolutely no business being on this show she is simply not qualified. BTW, that picture of Simon and Paula is so adorable! :) Tony ... I think they were always in love and always will be.

Ann - you’re breaking my heart!

So here’s the thing…John Lennon said, Song writing is about getting the demon out. It's like being possessed. You try to go to sleep, but the song won't let you.

While Lennon was indeed responsible for writing some of the greatest songs ever, I couldn’t help but wonder…who is writing the big anthemic rock songs of today?

There are no rules for writing great songs. But what you do need is inspiration. And…so I’m told…the only two inspirations for great song writing are Love and Death. Mmmm.

The term "anthemic" means music with an emotive connotation to it. Huge, euphoric stand alone tracks that make you hold your lighter in the air and go all dewy-eyed.

These are the songs that if you only wrote one - it becomes so huge you could live off the royalties forever.

In the past it would mean songs like Hey Jude, The Who’s My Generation, Bowie’s Starman, U2’s One, Lynard Skinard’s Freebird maybe. But this is all rock history. Rich history I admit. But who’s writing today’s rock anthems? And will they stand the test of time?

Well…I guess Oasis need a mention for Wonderwall.

But for me…Snow Patrol leads the way when it comes to contemporary rock anthems. Chasing Cars is an s good as it gets - though the song may well prove to be a ball and chain around the feet of the band. And what about Coldplay? Is Yellow a rock anthem? Probably yes. But I don’t know what it is about this band - but I don’t like them.

Still, a band that I’m convinced will stand the test of time are The Killers. My god…don’t you wish you’d written a song like… All These Things that I’ve Done. ‘Cause you do. And you can. Just remember the other John Lennon quote about song writing. Where he says…“One night I spent 5 hours trying to write a song that was meaningful and good, and I finally gave up and lay down. Then, 'Nowhere Man ' came to me, words and music, the whole damn thing, all in one go.”

Now there’s inspiration for you.

I’m Tony Cowell - and you’ve just heard the Cowell Factor

Email me and tell me who do YOU think is writing today's anthemic rock songs:

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