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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Semifinal 234: Friday PM

It's the winner of the Friday AM VS. Jason Zerbin in the NEW Friday PM Semifinal...who will win and become Track of the Day? Find out and listen NOW!

In the Friday AM show, Beckon Q with "Your Chance" went against HeavyLeftHand with "Vices and Virtues." That winner is now challenging Jason Zerbin with his song "In Your Arms," from Edmonton, Canada. Whoever gets the majority vote from the Fame Games panel will earn Friday's Track of the Day and go on to Saturday's NEW Fame Games Final!

This week marks the start of Season 5! There are many changes going on, the first of many are the DAILY (Mon-Fri) Semifinal shows in which 3 songs compete over 2 episodes for Track of the Day!

Check out the AM show and find out who won, then listen to this episode and hear the second act going through the Saturday's ALL-NEW Fame Games Final!



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Enjoy the show!

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