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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Global Breakthrough Chart (227 Edition part 1) ReRun

See this special Global Breakthru Chart ReRun! Will Armen take the title in this week?!

While Fame Games is preparing for Season 5, listen to some of the best Global Breakthru Charts and staff playlists! Regular programming will begin September 7th!

This show includes the exciting RED CARPET interveiw from our very own TONY COWELL!! We hear all about his new book and what her really wanted to be when he grew up!

Don't forget about the great music as well! During this first part you find out what songs are 11-20! Did your favorites make it this week?

Listen to DJ Sid Olivera, DJ Crier and songwriter/producer Paul Sedkowski countdown this week's Top 20 Fame Games tracks! The tracks are selected based soley on votes, making this chart based on MERIT!

Last Week's No. 1 Track
ARMEN from NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA USA with his hip-hop/world track "High Rolla"

Let us know what you think of our Global Breakthrough Chart show! it's a RADICAL idea and it's just what music needs!

Do you agree with this week's chart? Vote for your favorite artists and see them move up, closer to NUMBER 1!


Enjoy the show!

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