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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fame Games Radio Candid Camera: Tony Cowell Interview

Tony Cowell of the Cowell Factor speaks on Adam Lambert's pre-Idol recordings!! Don't miss out on this exclusive interview with Tony!

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1 comment:

melody said...

Weird that you remark at the end about lazy media after you proceed to make assumptions that you know nothing about. Have you seen a contract signed by Adam? I haven't. Did he spit on the people he worked with or merely say he was disappointed in the situation, which admittedly any normal person would be.

HiFi didn't have anything to do with Adam's recordings. Those recordings were sold to HiFi by Wilshire Records as part of a "business opportunity" if Heckler's initial statements are to be believed anyway.

I don't necessarily blame HiFi for trying to cash in on Adam now, that's smart business. What I think most of Adam's fans take exception to is releasing this material BEFORE his actual debut with RCA. Had HiFi waited until after his debut with RCA and promoted as "hey look at his early stuff" the fans would've been cool with it. Not to mention the production on the first "single" Want is really shoddy and low quality and Adam deserves better than that as a representation of him as an artist.