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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Qualifier Show: Monday 213Q

In this episode Here's a hint to Friday's theme. Quotes about "Rockin'." Be the first to guess the mystery theme tune and win the CD "Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement"!!

A big thanks goes out to all the featured reviewers: KenMorrison, DJSunBeat, Bkindaahouse, Studioboss, tonydatiger, Chocolatebubbles, HonestAngel, Hard2Pleez, 335, Robin and ChantelleWhite! Can you guess who wrote this, “Some MONSTER talent here people!! These guys flat out kick ass. Lots of texture in the music, solid vocals, that are not over effected, the lyrics come across well, and I can’t think of someone they sound like. Here is a group to watch!"

Many congrats to the artists and bands that received enough good reviews and fan votes to qualify for this week's show! They include:

  • Finding Jimmy Hoffa (Memphis, TN USA)
  • Lunar Module (Sydney, Australia)
  • We Are the Mighty (Leyland, UK)
  • Sugar Bear and Stevie 5 (Arcadia, USA)
  • Sympathy F (Denver, CO USA)
  • The Sanderson Pitch (UK)
  • Deacon (Nashville, TN USA)
  • Jessi Hamilton (Sanford, USA)
  • Twelve 34 (Ottawa, Canada)
  • The Skandles (Inglewood, USA)
  • Femi (San Francisco, CA USA)
  • Stella Balckrose (Copenhagen, Denmark)



Enjoy the show!

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