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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Episode 210: Proud Mary

This week's theme from CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL! ~ Mr. Johnny Truant - is quoted at as saying “Musicians, you need to get a real job. Your music is being heard for free because you’ve produced it for next to nothing. While you’re all celebrating the DEATH of the major label, you forgot that this means LESS people pay for music.´´ Who is this guy? Is he right or is he full of it? Find out what WE think in ´´Indie Insider Information´´!

Another hot topic in the portion of Fame Games called Indie Insider Information.

PLUS! Special Dedication goes to: Maya Azucena ; Fame Games Countdown: Sick of the Rain and Fame Games Regular rotational airplay went to Track of the Month Winner - "By All Means" by National Product!

209 winners: Beta Rays from the UK with their rock track "I Fell In Love" Can they do it again and be that must closer to Track of the Month?


  • WE ARE THE MIGHTY from LEYLAND, UK with “Keep Me Whoe” – General Rock

  • ELLEY DUHE from OCEAN SPRINGS, USA with “Got Me Good” – Acoustic

  • ARMEN from NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA USA with “Thanking You” – Spiritual

  • EDIAN from NORTH LONDON, UK with “You” – General Rock

Congratulations to all the artists who made the finals this week! Wishing you all, more and more success!!

Much love,
dj crier, Paul, Graham, Jake, Lexy & Sid (and Ashton this week)


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