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Friday, October 10, 2008

Semifinal: 197

In this episode the question we ask to listeners and artists: Who are the brain police and what have they done to the music??

Many congrats to the artists and bands that have made it one step further towards making the 197 Main Showcase. Those artists include:

  • A Midday Atlantic (San Diego, CA USA)
  • Matt Hoggatt (Gautier, MS USA)
  • Dave Bishop (Canberra, Australia)
  • Dave Gibson (London/Glasgow, UK)
  • Commonroy (Maryland/DC, USA)
  • Karissa (Nashville, TN USA)
  • Josyb (Walnut, USA)
  • Brooks Wood Band (Raleigh, NC USA)
  • Chromedome (Oceanside, USA)
  • Marc Black (Woodstock, NY USA)
  • Character Nine (New York, USA)
  • The Nites (London, UK)



Enjoy the show!


Andy said...

I think we've all turned into sheep because of stupid warning stickers and music banning. When's the last time you heard of a sheep playing killer guitar or writing great classic rock songs? Exactly. Sheep eat grass all day and do what they're told. Baaa Baa.

Morgan said...

Brain Police? That's a song from Frank Zappa and he is quoted as saying it was a religious song. So that's my answer. Fundamentalist religious groups -- and very bored Senator's wives -- have killed all the great music.

Sam said...

It's nearly 30 years since we've seen a great rock band emerge and about thirty years since this backmasking law was passed -- when the the fear of Satan in music was given so much media spotlight. Is it no coincidence then - that this is about how long it takes for a new generation to emerge? This type of censorship has clearly killed the creativity and free thinking of today's 20 and 30 somethings.

Sam said...

The brain police are everywhere ... I see and hear them everyday. Buy me, eat me, have sex with kind of advertising is killing my brain cells. Help me. Help me. My brain is shrivelling up like a raisin.

Tia said...

Good question. I don't know what to think anymore or who to trust. I'm 15 and I'm more grown up than most of the adults I know. Grow up!!! Stop trying to be teenagers all your life. It's your brain so nobody can really police it except you.