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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Episode 171: Another Brick In The Wall

This week's theme from Pink Floyd! Over the last twenty years, pop music has been under attack, with the rise of megastars who are criticized for either not knowing anything about music or for coming off of the “Fame School” conveyer belt. In Indie Inside info, musical credibility will be defined. Find out which category you fall under – the A-team, the B-Team or.... no team at all?


  • CD-Baby's Top-10 Selling Famous Behind The Scened Musicians
  • Fame Games Mail from Da Enforcerz & Pete Boubel of Caveat Emperor
  • This weeks Special Dedication goes out to Pete Boubel
  • Regular rotational airplay given to “After Hours” by State Warning (Fame Games Track of the Month, editions 167-170.)

LAST WEEK STATE WARNING WON TRACK OF THE MONTH WITH “AFTER HOURS,” so this week we have 5 Brand New artists going for Track of the Week!


  • FEDERICO FASCE from Genoa, Italy with “Speed Limit (ins)” – Rock
  • WARREN BENNETT from Brisbane, Australia with “Forever Gone” – Pop
  • SOUNDOCTRINE from Youngstown, Ohio with "Bloodline" – R&B
  • WOLFY from Indianapolis, Indiana with “Venice” – Pop
  • ERIC LUMIERE from Los Angeles, California with “Don’t Wait For Me” – Pop

Congratulations to all the artists who made the finals! Isn’t it fun being on the radio every week? :)

May you be wildly successful in all you do!
Paul, DJ Crier, Graham, Jake, Lexy & Sid

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